Wednesday, December 10, 2014

My Baby's Sunshine and Thunderheads

My husband told me I should write about Buster's incredible ability to cry real tears, every single time he gets unhappy.  I'm not kidding -  every.  single.  time.

At 13-months, Buster is as adorable as any toddler.  His default mood is bright and sunny, ready for adventure.  The second something goes wrong, however, he goes into drama king mode, and that includes tears.  It's absolutely amazing: heartbreaking to watch, sometimes panic-inducing, sometimes even comical.

The silver lining to his little cloud is that all he needs to feel better is a Mommy or Daddy cuddle.

Here's the thing that concerns me a little.  I don't think Buster cries crocodile tears.  (Doc Princess, on the other hand, is an expert at fake crying.  What an incredible toddler ability, huh?)  I think, when he cries (which is always), he is genuinely, terribly upset.  Even if his world-sundering grief lasts for less than 10 seconds, that has to take a lot out of a little man.

Now, I can be emotional too; I have my fair share of frustrated outbursts - but I'm trying hard not to blow up around Buster or Doc Princess.  I want to help with the mood swings, not the other way around.  For example, when something spills, we say, "Uh oh", in that sing-song, super-mommy way.  Maybe if I pretend to be super-mommy hard enough, it will happen?  Let's just say I don't think Santa will be getting me a cape for Christmas.  But I digress.

Last night, Buster broke down when I removed the TV remote from his reach.  I could almost see the thoughts running through his head:

"Noooo!  That was the best remote ever to exist, and you took it from me!  It's gone forever!  I hate youuuu!  Oh, please hold me before I fall apart!"

When I cuddled him, Buster buried his face in my shoulder, whimpered a little, wiped his snotty face on my shirt, then cackled and tried to steal my glasses.  Back to normal.

He cackles a lot, by the way.

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